Ceris Rhiannon FieldCeris Rhiannon Field

1979 Matriculated – Herschel
1980 – 1982 University of Cape Town – BA Degree
1983 – 1984 University of Cape Town – LLB Degree
1985 – 1987 Articles of Clerkship – Asherson & Asherson
1987 Admitted as an Attorney of the High Court, SA
1990 Admitted as an Attorney in Namibia
1991 Opened own legal practice
1996 Obtained Right of Appearance in the High Court, SA
1997 Admitted as a Conveyancer of the High Court, SA
2003 Admitted as a Notary Public of the High Court, SA
2010 Member of FISA
2011 Member of STEP
Specialising in Wills, Estates and Trust for past 15 years
Chairperson of the CLS Cape Law Society Wills, Estates & Trusts Committee 2008 to present
Member of the LSSA National Law Society Wills, Estates & Trusts Committee 2009 to present
Member of the CLS Cape Law Society Commercial & Tax Committee 2010 to present

Part-time lecturer for :
Cape Law Society Candidate Attorneys
Law Society UCT Post-Graduate School for Legal Practice (LEAD PLT)
Law Society of South Africa, Legal Education & Development LSSA LEAD – SA National Workshops on Administration of Deceased Estates & Drafting of Wills - 2008 to present

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The Drafting of Wills bookThis practical guide, written by Ceris Field, covers all the processes, considerations and technicalities involved in correct and sound drafting of wills, covering details that are vital to good testamentary practice. It is essential reading and reference for all professionals involved in the drafting of wills and in the administration of deceased estates, including lawyers, accountants, tax advisers, bankers, insurers, and testators themselves.

The book is based on the latest developments in the law and recent judgments pertaining to Wills. As both a practitioner and lecturer in the field of deceased estates, Ceris Field brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the subject of drafting of Wills.

Available here in print or Ebook

Romy Tao StraussRomy Tao Strauss

Dip. Prof Cookery (Granger Bay Hotel School).
Bachelor of Social Science (UCT) 2007.
Bachelor of Laws, LLB (UCT) 2010.
Law Clinic, UCT 2011.
Admitted as Attorney of the High Court February 2013
Specialising in Estates, Wills and Litigation relating thereto.

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