Specialist services in drafting of wills and administration of deceased estates and commercial work in accordance with the law society of the Cape of Good Hope guideline of non-litigous fees

Consultations: Senior Attorney

Consultations: Junior Attorney

Formal attendances and traveling time



Perusal and consideration of documentation

Drafting correspondence

Telephone calls


Photocopying / printing

Scanning, fax, emails transmissions

Traveling disbursement


R2 000-00 per hour

R1 500-00 per hour

R80-00 per quarter hour

Time based : R500-00 per quarter hour

Length based : R500-00 per folio (100 words)

R60-00 per folio (100 words)

R80-00 per folio (100 words)

R80-00 per formal call, R200-00 per 6 minutes

R50-00 per attendance

R2-00 per page

R5-00 per page plus disbursement

R4-50 per kilometer

All services plus VAT


Administration of Deceased Estates

(statuary prescribed fee)
And conveyancing, as per tariff

3,5% gross assets
6% income after death
Plus VAT

Inter Vivos Trusts

Inter Vivos Trusts
Preparation, drafting and registration of Inter Vivos Trusts
Including consultation and precedent initial minutes

Plus General Attendances as above

R12 000-00 plus VAT
Plus Master’s Office fee of R100-00

Drafting of Wills

Drafting of Wills (including Muslim Wills)
Depending on length of time, complexity, extent of advice Estimate :


Single Will

Single Will with Testamentary Trust

Joint Will

Joint Will with Testamentary Trust

Plus General Attendances as above

R2 000-00 per hour

R1 000-00

R1 500-00

R2 000-00

R2 500-00

Plus VAT

Estates Litigation

Challenging or opposing validity of Wills
Formulation and submission of claims against Estates
All work done on time basis

Plus General Attendances as above

R2 000-00 per hour
Plus VAT

Antenuptial Contracts


Drawing contract, attending on execution, notarial attestation and registration.

Plus Disbursements and Deeds Office fees

Plus General Attendances as above

R2 000-00 per hour

R1 650-00
Plus VAT

Research and Opinions

All research charged on time basis
Drafting of Opinion charged on time basis

Plus General Attendances as above

R2 000-00
Plus VAT


All fees charged in accordance with Law Society tariff guideline